Berlin, 30 March 2020

Shaping the new normal – A glimpse into the emerging post-COVID-19 communications landscape in China and South Korea

The epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic has clearly moved from Asia to Europe. Today, large parts of Europe remain under state-ordered lockdown. Communications professionals across industries are operating in crisis mode, playing a key role in their companies’ response to the fight against the massive spread of COVID-19.

In the meantime, business life in the heavily affected economies of China and South Korea is slowly returning to normal. With the global economy in turmoil, markets in disarray and consumers worrying about their future, companies continue to face uncertainty. A new normal is emerging for communications professionals, who face unprecedented challenges – and who at the same time are seizing new opportunities to reposition and thrive.

With China and South Korea a couple of weeks ahead in the COVID-19 curve, we would like to take a glimpse at may be in store for us – and how to prepare for it.

We cordially invite you to a MSL Insights Session with Margaret Key, CEO MSL APAC & MEA, based in Seoul/South Korea. Margaret will give a short overview of the status quo in communications and marketing in key markets in the APAC region following the COVID-19 crisis (15 mins) and will subsequently answer your questions (25 mins). Dr. Wigan Salazar, CEO of MSL Germany will be your host.

Join us for an interactive MSL Insights Session via Zoom on Wednesday, April 1 from 9.30 am CET. Electronical invite with meeting access instructions to follow.

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Margaret Key
Chief Executive Officer, MSL APAC & MEA

Margaret heads MSL in the APAC and MEA region. She is based in Seoul/ South Korea.
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Corona Virus: Photo by CDC on Unsplash